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You know how important automated customer follow-up is.
Now you can prove it with accurate revenue attribution.

Partnering with Searchlight allows us to directly attribute our efforts with customer revenue.
We always knew we had a positive impact for our clients, but now, we can measure it down to
the dollar, and see exactly how many booked customers we’re influencing.

Ryan Fenn- CEO of Chiirp

Identify Most Effective Outbound Campaigns

Measure your total potential revenue from Chiirp campaigns -Identify which campaigns are most effective at activating new leads and turning them into paying customers.

Track Revenue from Chiirp Outbound Campaigns

Easily track the revenue generated from your Chiirp outbound campaigns. With updated customer revenue data every 24 hours and a custom date range selector, there are endless options for exploring trends.

Optimize your Follow-up Strategies

Identify every open estimate, sold, and closed job that was influenced from a Chiirp campaign. This allows you to know what’s working, how well it’s working and how to maximize your revenue.

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