Data Storage

Data storage is expensive. It doesn’t have to be.

Ready to own your data?

Canceling vendor partnerships should not mean you have to lose your historical data and year-over-year analysis. You end up starting over from scratch, with every vendor change. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With SearchLight, we normalize all your data so a website is a website, regardless of vendor and the same goes for your advertising and CRM data. As you switch vendors, the data analysis remains consistent. You don’t lose the historical data and you can store it indefinitely.

Most importantly, we took a time-consuming, expensive & complicated solution with no guarantees for accuracy, and made it affordable, accurate & quick to set up.


  • Engineering team: Engineers are expensive and hard to find.
  • Data warehouse: You need a platform to store all your data.
  • Platform changes. You’re responsible for data governance.
  • Timeline of 6 – 12 months to get started
  • No guarantee of accuracy after the work is completed.
  • Data pipeline reloads take time to learn if you got it correct


  • No need to hire additional talent internally.
  • No typical data warehouse maintenance fees.
  • Data is managed and stored with Searchlight for our flat fee.
  • The system is designed to match data in real-time.
  • We don’t alter the data. We match it in its original format.
  • 2-3 weeks to get started (depending on integrations)

We’re here to help.

We want you to have better data with no altering, no outside hiring, and no mind-bending stress.

Just honest, transparent data solutions for you and your team.

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