Revenue Summary

Web events and customer revenue, connected.

Data that can’t be faked.

Think about this.

Would you rather have 100 website conversions convert into 6 booked jobs?
OR 10 website conversions convert to 8 booked jobs?

Sounds silly, right?

The Problem.

Measuring cost per conversion would tell you otherwise.

Let’s face it. Outdated, digital companies created KPI’s designed to distract you from the real goal, selling a job.

Here’s the solution.

This is where SearchLight steps in, measuring what happens AFTER the website conversion.

Is it a home owner in your area looking for service OR an upset customer calling because your tech is late?

Both are conversions, but have drastically different value to you.

Let’s focus on the data that matters. We call it Revenue Flow.

Enterprise View

This platform is designed for a business with a single location, or many. There is an account drop down (top right) where we can jump to an individual account, or roll it up to an enterprise view, aggregating an unlimited number of business locations.

Regardless of website, CRM, phone tracking and chat platform, we normalize the data into ONE view. No more analysis at the end of the month with 5 different reports from different providers.

Revenue Analytics Platform

per ID

Best for home service contractors, advertising agencies, consulting groups or tech platforms that want to measure marketing efforts to customer revenue. Discounts available based on number of locations/ accounts. Customizations to the data may fluctuate pricing. Open API is available.

We’re here to help.

Start measuring KPI’s that matter for your business!

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