Who We Are

Lake Champlain | Burlington, Vermont.

Based out of Burlington, Vermont

Community and culture are important at SearchLight, whether virtual or not.

We’re based out of Vermont, but remote talent spreads across the country. We work hard while still prioritizing having fun. Settled between Lake Champlain and multiple ski areas, we enjoy the outdoors. In the winters we get lost in the deep snow, while summers are spent on the lake. We encourage client partners to visit and see for yourself. The people, the food, the atmosphere. It’s contagious.

Our team has spent the last decade building large digital advertising and analytics programs. We got tired of talking to clients about impressions, clicks, and leads. You’re never going to find those metrics on a balance sheet. As an agency, you might show great click and lead volume, but when the client says, “is it actually translating to jobs”, you’re left looking for answers. Not anymore.

Our Values

Family First

We may be a technology company, but it’s the people we value most.
Family and life come first. Business is second. Our goal is not a work/ life balance. We want that scale unbalanced, focusing on life.

Acknowledge & Address

Internally and externally, we don’t sweep problems under the rug, we address them. We’re not striving for perfection.
Our goal is to be real, transparent and honest. No problems here, only situations we haven’t solved yet.

Win or Learn, Never Lose

When we lose or make mistakes, we learn from them. It’s never a loss.

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