Ready to start measuring your marketing success in dollars, not just leads? Follow the steps below, starting with Step 1, to ensure we can tie all your digital marketing channels together.

Once completed, no more manual data collection – it’s time for automated revenue analytics data just for you.

Please note all information below in your onboarding sheet.

Have any questions? Please reach out to your onboarding team member, and we are happy to assist.

FSM/CRM Access

Service Titan

  • Navigate to Settings -> Integration -> API Application Access and copy your Tenant ID located in top right.
  • Once confirmed by SearchLight, please proceed in sending along your Client ID and Secret.
  • Please ensure we have read only access to all scopes with “No Restriction”

Housecall Pro

  • Follow these steps below to make and generate your API Key.
  • Once generated, our team can use the API key to connect to your customer data and revenue.

Service Fusion

  • Login to your Service Fusion account.
  • Hover over ‘My Office’ tab and click ‘API Credentials’
  • Copy “Client Secret” and Account ID

Field Edge

  • Please provide us a login with an email and password.

Service Monster

  • Please provide us a login with an email and password.


  • Please provide us a login to your account.
  • Provide your GHL Location API Key


  • Please provide a login to your account.

Have a provider you don’t see above?

Contact your onboarding team member and we can provide assistance.

Website Tracking Pixel – “Photon”

Step 1: Add photon to the head element of every page

<script async src="https://searchlight.partners/photon/photon-3p.js"></script>

Step 2: Troubleshoot

When using Google Tag Manager

  • Check for Multiple Instances
  • Search Elements Tab in Dev Tools for GTM
  • Look for GTM id e.g. ?id=GTM-NC6W76Z
  • Search Sources Tab in Dev Tools for photon

WordPress / Nitro Pack

You will have to clear the Nitro Pack cache to see the following changes. When NitroPack is in use add nitro-exclude to the photon tag:

<script async nitro-exclude src="https://searchlight.partners/photon/photon-3p.js"></script>

Duda Content Management System

  • Photon tag must go at the top of the Body element
  • Must save both header and body text-area elements in CMS
  • Must publish to see changes

Call Tracking


  • Unless otherwise stated in onboarding sheet, please grant CR (CallRail) access to: [email protected]


  • Need API string (token & key)
  • See example below:
['99832-fc0521c7d#######', 'a335aab80769c33f6736948f##xx##x#']

Call Tracking Metrics

  • Login to Call Tracking Metrics and note your Account ID and Basic Authentication Token
  • See example below:

ID: 123456 Token: “Ynfj2389FJ8349Kfi09eff…”

Service Titan

  • If not completed, follow onboarding items in Step 1 to ensure we are connected via API.


  • Coming soon!

Don’t see your provider?

  • Contact your onboarding rep and we can assist!

Channel Linking

Google Ads

  • Individual or Group: Invite SearchLight-specific email (outlined in onboarding sheet) to Google Ads account(s)
  • Agency or Self-Managed: Invite SearchLight-specific email (outlined in onboarding sheet) to Google MCC

Google Local Service Ads

Two options:
  • Grant SearchLight access to LSA MCC
  • OR Link SearchLight MCC to client LSA account:
  • We request they add their CID to the onboarding sheet. 
  • We send account linking request via SearchLight MCC
  • Client/agency accepts SearchLight MCC linking request

Microsoft Ads

  • Login to the Microsoft Manager Account that contains the ad account(s)
  • Click ‘Tools’ > ‘Account Access’ > ‘Invite User’
  • Add details and change ‘Account role’ to ‘Viewer’
  • Select that ad account(s) you are granting SearchLight access to, and click ‘Send’
  • *Please ensure you are sending invites from the Manager Account and not the individual ad account.

Facebook Ads

  • Client adds Facebook Ad ID to onboarding sheet
  • SearchLight sends ‘View Account’ access request to client Facebook Ads account from Searchlight Business Manager
  • Client accepts request and Facebook Ads Account is linked to SearchLight Business Manager (and API)

Secondary Items

We can launch the dashboard without the below information, and peice together as we go. Items above are critical.


Note in your average monthly fee for SEO and/or website services so we can determine an accurate ROI from non-advertising channels (Organic, Google Business Profile, Direct, etc).

Conversion Tools (Chat, Text, Booking)

Schedule Engine

  • Need custom username and password from SE Support
  • Please submit a ticket to SE Support requesting username be made for custom/faux email address and password
  • Ex. If your agency is reaching out to ABC HVAC then they will request a username/password be made for [email protected]

Podium Chat

Two options:
  • Need unique username (email) and password
  • Use the ‘+’ email trick to create custom email username without creating brand new email address
  • Ex. Add [email protected] to their Podium account

Zyratalk Chat

  • Send along your full business name to Searchlight


  • Need unique username and password so we can login to your Pulsem environment.

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