The #1 Trusted Revenue Analytics Platform For The Home Service Industry.

SearchLight connects your digital marketing channels to new and existing customer revenue, allowing you to measure marketing success with dollars, not just clicks and conversions.

SearchLight’s revenue control board connects every phone and website conversion to estimates, sold, and closed revenue.

Success starts with understanding what drives revenue.

Not all leads are created equal. At SearchLight, we measure what happens after the lead. We capture every conversion across your phone and website, then connect that data to new and existing customer revenue in your CRM.

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Cost Per Lead is not enough to define Marketing ROI.

Not when we can prove a majority of leads don’t translate to booked jobs and revenue. All conversions are not created equally.

In this case, out of the 5,576 total unique customer leads across multiple HVAC contractors, 1,440 resulted in booked jobs, with a booked job rate of 25.82%.

That’s close to 75% of all leads not converting to booked jobs. Only 2075 leads even made it into the CRM, with a match rate of 37.21%. Over 60% of the leads never made it into the CRM. First step to making money on a lead is getting the opportunity in the CRM.


Lead to CRM Match Rate


Booked Job Rate​

Who We Are​

We bring a genuine approach to data analytics for the Home Service Industry, backed by first class, enterprise software technology.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Learn from some of our existing clients:

Brian VandeStreek

Vredevoogd Heating and Cooling

Quickly after making the transition to Searchlight I could notice the difference in their attention to detail, not only for how they approach analytics and data, but also what our direct needs for work was. The Searchlight team was eager to understand how we ran an operated our business through data, which aligned to how they were tailoring their expertise to help us grow.

John Giacomi

CM Heating

SearchLight was able to carefully show us revenue attribution from the campaign that gets lost in the typical reporting metrics that previous vendors have shown us. Its been an amazing partnership for us, and we would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to level-up their marketing.

Forrest Perry

Founder/ CEO
Forrest Perry LLC

It’s simple really: The better the data, the better the marketing decisions that drive profitable opportunities for technicians in the field.

No one in the home services industry delivers accurate reporting quite like Searchlight. My team is proud to partner with the exceptional folks over there. Our missions are the same: Continuously strive for outstanding marketing performance for those we are blessed to serve.

Uncover insights to improve business outcomes.

Revenue Analytics Platform

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Best for home service contractors, advertising agencies, consulting groups or tech platforms that want to measure marketing efforts to customer revenue. Discounts available based on number of locations/ accounts. Customizations to the data may fluctuate pricing. Open API is available.

Success is about creating value.

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