Our Story

A few years ago, a close family friend with a plumbing business reached out to us to audit his digital marketing provider. He was spending thousands of dollars per month for digital marketing services but didn’t know how to look at the performance to make sure he held his vendor accountable.

What we found shocked us.

The agency was wasting his money. They were spending money on searches like “pizza near me”. Yes, seriously.

The plumbing business was family started and owned.

Building customer by customer for decades and this agency had no problem taking his money without delivering results.

So, we decided that a better solution was needed.

Initially, we began as an advertising agency. We partnered with a top-tier company (we used to work for their founders) and launched campaigns for our early clients. Home Services deserves better, and we wanted to deliver that.

Our core tenets, Experience, Transparency, and Technology were born, but we stumbled upon an even bigger problem after working with our clients.

They told us the advertising campaigns weren’t working - their CRM didn’t show the return.

We decided to get deep into why this was the case, and our team spent 9 months manually tracking thousands of leads all the way through from the conversion to what happened in the CRM.

CRMs were significantly misattributing revenue by channel and conversion tools. We found every single example of how and why this was happening, mapped out a solution, and brought a top-tier engineer (whom we knew for a decade) to build an automated version of our tracking.

By doing this we solved our own problem. Then we realized it solves one of the biggest problems for you: getting better data to help you make good business decisions.

We received request after request to track more than just digital marketing data. You asked us to track SEO, Google My Business, Display ads, e-mail campaigns, etc. We had it all, so that’s exactly what we did.

Searchlight Analytics is no longer an ad agency. We are an analytics platform that helps you understand your revenue flow, customer journey, and were in the process of business is getting stuck or mishandled.

With our proprietary tracking sensor, we can connect data from Advertising Channels, Website Events, Conversion Tools, and CRM data to give you an accurate picture of what drives your business growth and what’s holding it up.

You’re able to track customers who take months to convert through the phases of sales consult, open estimate, sold job, and closed revenue.

You can take control of your marketing spend and business operations by getting data like Booked Job Rate, Cost per Booked Job, Average Ticket, New Customers versus Existing Customers, Return on Revenue Potential, and Return on Ad Spend.

You can see how revenue flows through your business and prioritize what needs to be fixed to make it better and grow.

We exist to help you take control, focus on what you are best at, and kick out vendors who are taking your money without delivering results.

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