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Advertising Technology

Anyone can create a Google Ads account and call themselves an agency. Before we had our first client, we invested in advertising platform technology to give both our clients and SearchLight a competitive advantage.

Many ad platforms make the job of an ad strategist close to impossible by requiring manual auditing of accounts. Using SearchLight, strategists can customize alerts so they spot certain situations, before they become problems.

Custom Audiences

Facebook and other ad platforms allow you to create audiences, but they have limitations. At SearchLight, we have unique household data allowing us to target real homeowners, in older-built homes. We use this data across Facebook, to ensure your ads are meeting relevant shoppers.

We can also upload YOUR previous sales records to build a custom audience of people that are similar to your current customers, and upload it to Facebook.

Customer Revenue Data

We started by mapping all website conversions to a CRM by hand, for about a year… good times. This is how we figured out the digital misattribution pandemic happening across our industry. Most digital advertising leads in the CRM are attributed to a different marketing source.

We solved a real problem but needed software to scale. Welcome engineers! Really, really, smart engineers. Now, we don’t do this by hand. Technology allows us to scale across an unlimited amount of accounts, all around the country.

Advertising Channels We Manage

Demand Capture

Demand Generation

Don’t worry. We won’t allocate a bunch of budget in a branded campaign and try to take credit for the success of your brand.

We focus on keywords that bring in new business. Our analytics platform allows you to attribute revenue to new and existing customers. We couldn’t hide poor performance if we wanted to. We work with clients to help convert the business after the lead. SearchLight is motivated to deliver revenue not just conversions.

We started this business to help family, but continue to focus on that same honest approach with every partner we work with. SearchLight gives contractors who need to run campaigns with localized messages, the ability to do so quickly, easily, and consistently across an unlimited number of markets. We’ve created the proven blueprint for success.

Ready to do this the right way?

Revenue Analytics Only

per ID

Best for Home Service contractors, advertising agencies or tech platforms that only want a revenue analytics dashboard. Discounts available based on ID count. Customizations to the data may fluctuate pricing. Open API available.

Revenue Analytics & Digital Advertising

per ID

Flat fee or 22% of media budget

Best for Home Service contractors that want a revenue analytics dashboard, with SearchLight also managing their digital advertising strategy. Optimize to revenue, not clicks or conversions. Channels include Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, Waze. Discounts available based on ID count. Customizations to the data may fluctuate pricing. Open API available.

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